Ivey Ranch Country Club
                                                             "Where friends meet for golf"

74580 Varner Road. Thousand Palms California, 92276. Located between Cook Street and Monterey Avenue on Varner Road. Phone: (760) 343-2013


PGA Director of Golf :                                  Brent "Smitty" Smith                             Email:  bakkerchamp2009@yahoo.com   (760) 343-2013

Paulette Feil   

Mike "The Blade" Shea    PGA  Hey Pal!  Honorary Employee

Jim Henry                                             

Golf Instructors: Mike The Blade Shea PGA. (760) 343-2013                               Richard Chavez PGA (760) 343-2013

Our motto is "Fun Golf, Fun People, Fun Prices". Once you get to Ivey Ranch, you will see why you don't have to spend a lot of money to enjoy golf.